The Gravio Hub comes with the capability to run the Gravio Coordinator. In order to enable or install the Coordinator on your local Gravio Hub operating in your LAN, please follow the below steps.

Connecting the Gravio Hub to your network

First, you need to connect your Gravio Hub to the local wireless network. To do so, connect it to power using an USB Type-C cable and the corresponding charger. The Gravio Hub will boot and once the Gravio logo is lit in blue, you can connect to it using the WiFi network “GravioHubXZY”:

The WiFi password is graviohub

Once connected, open your browser and open the address in your browser’s address bar. You will see a login screen. Use the username and password gravio to log in. You will also be prompted to update your Gravio password. After you have confirmed your new password, you will see the Network Settings Screen:

In the next step, give your device a Hostname. The Hostname is important to access the Gravio Hub in the future. It will be accessible under the URL http://hostname.local

Thirdly, set the WiFi settings including the WiFi SSID name and the password. This will ensure the Gravio Hub will connect with the network once it reboots.

Optionally you can also set a fixed IP address as well as Gateway and DNS Server.

Click the Button after each section in sequence from top to bottom to save the settings. The last button will disconnect your computer from the Gravio Hub, so it can set up the newly configured network.

Logging into the Gravio Hub’s Gravio Coordinator

  1. After pressing the Setup button the Gravio Hub will flash green for initialization and then turn back to white. Once solid white, your Gravio Hub and therefore the built-in Coordinator are back online, and you can set your Computer’s WiFi back to the same as the Gravio Hub and access the coordinator by opening the URL http://<hostname>.local (whereby is the hostname you have chosen in your step above). Please note that the coordinator on the Gravio Hub is accessed via port 80.

Setting up the Gravio Coordinator

  1. Once you access the Coordinator for the first time, you will see the initial account creation screen. Fill out the form and submit it to register your admin account. (More information can be found here)
  2. The login screen will then appear, use the credentials just created to log in. (More information can be found here)
  3. Once logged in, select the “License” tab and register the license. To obtain your license file, log in at the Asteria Customer Portal , select the “Purchased product information” menu and click the “License Contract ID” you have purchased. There is a license file download button to download your license file. (More information can be found here)
  4. Click on the “Upload License File” button to upload and activate your license.

If you have uploaded your valid license file, you have successfully installed and activated the installation. Congratulations!

Now, your next step is likely to be your first launch. See here what to do on your first launch.

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