Gravio can be used with LaMetric in order to output visual or text data. Here is how you integrate it:

Step 1: Finding out your LaMetric’s IP address

- Open your LaMetric App and find out the IP by clicking on “settings” and then “wifi”

Step 2: Obtaining your device’s API key

- Open and log in with your credentials
- In the drop down of your name, click on “my devices”
- copy the API Key of the device you want to control

Step 3: Creating your POST Request

- Create a new Action including a POST Step
- URL: http://[IP or your LaMetric]:8080/api/v2/device/notifications
- HTTP Method: POST
- Content-Type: application/json
- Query String: leave empty
- Body: "{\"model\":{\"frames\":[{\"text\":\"Gravio!\",\"icon\":\"i23532\"}]}}"
- Authorization Type: Basic
- Authorization Value: dev:[your API key from Step 2]
- Timeout: 30

LaMetric HTTP Post Request

More information about LaMetric can be found here.



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