Note: This documentation refers to Gravio 3.8 or older. For Gravio 4 or newer, please refer to the respective documentation on .

The Filter Action Component works similar to the Branching Component, except that it doesn’t direct an Action into a branch but filters it according to the given condition. You might want an Action to stop or continue depending on a condition. Using this component is how you can achieve that.

In the following example we read a CSV, then filter it for ID larger than 101, and if that’s the case we write the output to a JSON file:

We start with reading the file and populating the respective sv (step variable) which are composed of sv.csvheadername:

The step results then get passed over to filter component, in which the filter criteria are set under properties. sin. sands for “Step In” variable (taken over from the Step Result fields in the previous component):

And finally we write the variables into a JSON file:

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