Note: This documentation refers to Gravio 3.8 or older. For Gravio 4 or newer, please refer to the respective documentation on .

In the Trigger tab you set up the various triggers that sensors can activate. Before you can create triggers, please set up the devices as per the Device Tab instructions and set up at least one action as per the Action instructions.

Once you have devices and actions set up, you can connect them here using triggers.

Click on the “+” sign on the top right, to create a trigger:

You will see the following dialog:

Select the Sensor in the Area and Layer, and the Action the sensor should execute. Depending on the sensor type, you will see various options at the bottom of the dialog box. The common dialog options are:

  • Interval – Minimal cool-down period after a trigger action. During this cool-down period the trigger can’t be re-executed.
  • Classic vs. Threshold Trigger – A classic trigger constantly executes when data that matches the trigger setting is received, whereas a threshold trigger will only re-execute if the incoming data has been outside the set threshold. This parameter was introduced to cater for sensors that constantly send data (such as temperature sensors for example). Example: If it’s set to classic trigger and the trigger is set to >20° the trigger would always execute if the sensor sends data is above 20°, whereas if it’s set to threshold trigger the data received would have to go below 20° before it re-triggers the action by going above 20°.
  • Some sensor relevant info – in this case it’s a contact sensor, so there are two options: “Contact Open” and “Contact Closed”

Please don’t forget to enable your new trigger by switching the switch to green:

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