The following functions are available:

Function Name Arguments Description Example
Abs Abs(v) Returns absolute value
Acos Acos(v) Returns the inverse cosine
Acosh Acosh(v) Returns the inverse hyperbolic cosine
Asin Asin(v) Returns the inverse sine
Asinh Asinh(v) Returns the inverse hyperbolic sine
Atan Atan(v) Returns the inverse tangent
Atan2 Atan2(y, x) Returns the inverse tangent of y/x
Atanh Atanh(v) Returns the inverse hyperbolic tangent
Cbrt Cbrt(v) Return cubic root
Ceil Ceil(v) Returns the value rounded up to the nearest whole number
Copysign Copysign(x, y) Returns a value of sign y with magnitude x
Cos Cos(v) Returns the cosine
Cosh Cosh(v) Returns the hyperbolic cosine
Erf Erf(v) Returns the error function
Erfc Erfc(v) Returns the complementary error function
Exp Exp(x) Returns e raised to the power x
Exp2 Exp2(x) Returns 2 raised to the power x
Expm1 Expm1(x) Returns e to the power of x, minus 1
Floor Floor(v) Returns the value rounded down to the nearest whole number
Hypot Hypot(x, y) Returns Sqrt(xx + yy)
Inf Inf(sign) Returns positive infinity if sign>=0, otherwise returns negative infinity
IsInf IsInf(v, sign) Returns true if v is infinity according to the sign
IsNaN IsNaN(v) Returns true if v is Not a Number
Log Log(v) Returns the natural logarithm
Log10 Log10(v) Returns the base-10 logarithm
Log1p Log1p(v) Returns the natural logarithm of v + 1
Log2 Log2(v) Returns the base-2 logarithm
Max Max(v1[, v2, v3, …]) Returns the maximum value among the specified values
Min Min(v1[, v2, v3, …]) Returns the minimum value among the specified values
NaN NaN() Returns Not a Number
PI PI() Returns the value of pi
Pow Pow(x, y) Returns x raised to the power y
Round Round(v[, n]) Returns the value rounded to the nearest whole number. If n is specified, it rounds to the nth decimal place
Signbit Signbit(v) Returns true if the value is negative
Sin Sin(v) Returns the sine
Sinh Sinh(v) Returns the hyperbolic sine
Sqrt Sqrt(v) Returns the square root
Random Random([max]) Returns a random number. If no argument is provided, it returns a floating-point number between 0 and 1. If an argument is provided, it treats it as the maximum value and returns an integer between 0 and that maximum value
Tan Tan(v) Returns the tangent
Tanh Tanh(v) Returns the hyperbolic tangent
Trunc Trunc(v[, n]) Returns the integer part of the value. If n is specified, it truncates at the nth decimal place
Degrees Degrees(v) Converts radians to degrees
Radians Radians(v) Converts degrees to radians
FtoC FtoC(v) Converts Fahrenheit to Celsius
CtoF CtoF(v) Converts Celsius to Fahrenheit
GtoLBM GtoLBM(v) Converts grams to pounds
LBMtoG LBMtoG(v) Converts pounds to grams
GtoOZM GtoOZM(v) Converts grams to ounces
OZMtoG OZMtoG(v) Converts ounces to grams
MtoIN MtoIN(v) Converts meters to inches
INtoM INtoM(v) Converts inches to meters
MtoFT MtoFT(v) Converts meters to feet
FTtoM FTtoM(v) Converts feet to meters

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