The AWS Polly Speech Action Component is to read out text using AWS Polly text-to-speech. Amazon Polly converts input text into life-like speech. This functionality can also be useful for debugging purposes.

Note that this functionality may not be available for your operating system. Playing sounds is currently supported under Windows and Linux, but not yet on macOS.

Component Properties

Name Required Description
Text True Specify the message text you want to speak. If you like to include sensor data, you can set this message using Pre-Mapping, for example, using cp.Text = "The current temperature is"+cv.Payload+"°C"
Voice True Specify the type of voice of the speaker. Select a voice type in the same language as the text language. If you want to set it by cp.Voice value, you can use “Zeina”, “Zhiyu”, “Naja”, “Mads”, “Lotte”, “Ruben”, “Nicole”, “Russell”, “Amy”, “Emma”, “Brian”, “Aditi”, “Raveena”, “Ivy”, “ Joanna”, “Kendra”, “Kimberly”, “Salli”, “Joey”, “Justin”, “Kevin”, “Matthew”, “Geraint”, “Celine”, “Mathieu”, “Chantal”, “Marlene”, “Vicki”, “ Hans”, “Aditi”, “Dora”, “Karl”, “Carla”, “Bianca”, “Giorgio”, “Mizuki”, “Takumi”, “Seoyeon”, “Liv”, “Ewa”, “Maja”, “Jacek”, “Jan”, “Camila”, “ Vitoria”, “Ricardo”, “Ines”, “Cristiano”, “Carmen”, “Tatyana”, “Maxim”, “Conchita”, “Lucia”, “Enrique”, “Mia”, “Lupe”, “Penelope”, “Miguel”, “ Astrid,” “Filiz,” or “Gwyneth.”
Method True Play Audio or Save Audio File
Filename False Specify the file name in case of file saving
Timeout True Specify the transmission timeout time (ms)
AWS Session False AWS Session from the Base Property Profile
Access Key Id True Access Key Id if not taken from the Base Property Profile
Secret Access Key True Secret Access Key if not taken from the Base Property Profile
Region True Region if not taken from the Base Property Profile

You can find you access keys on your Amazon console.

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