Using Gravio Studio to link a barcode reader to a layer

Gravio allows you to use a barcode reader (barcode reader with USB COM port emulation function) as a device that can input data as one layer.

Currently, there are three types of barcode readers that have been confirmed to work: BC-NL1100U, BC-NL2200U, and BC-NL3000U from BUSICOM, and NLS-FM430 from NewLand.

barcode reader connection check

To check the connection of the barcode reader, in Windows 10, check if COMx (COM5 in this case) is displayed in the device manager.

adding a barcode reader

1. in “Device”, select the Barcode (DataKind) you want to use and add a new area and layer.

Here is an example where the barcode reader uses BC-NL2200U from BUSICOM to retrieve the barcode data.
Note: The BC-NL2200U can switch between the USB HID-KBW function, which is simulated as a USB keyboard input, and the USB COM port emulation function, which allows the host to receive data as if it were a serial port. For details, refer to the BC-NL2200U. For details, please refer to the BC-NL2200U manual.

To receive barcode data, connect the barcode reader to the USB port, and then press the button below to display the barcode setting screen.


Note: If BUSICOM BC-NL2200U does not appear, please make sure that the barcode reader is properly connected to the USB port and restart HubKit.
If the BUSICOM BC-NL2200U is displayed, you are done. Close the dialog. 3.
Next, click on the circled “+” mark in the upper right corner of the window.

4. select the barcode reader you want to connect to the layer and configure it.

After finishing the settings, close this screen. 5.
You will see a screen like the one below. Finally, turn on the switch to receive data from this barcode reader.

Now you can read the barcode with the barcode reader, and it will start receiving data.

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