The Gravio Configuration Manager is a web application bundled with HubKit.

Therefore, in order to manage this system securely, the Gravio Configuration Manager has a dedicated account.

Open the Configuration Manager by typing “” in your browser.

Username: “gravio
Password: “gravio

When you log in for the first time, you will see a panel forcing you to change your password. Enter your current and new passwords and press the “Change password” button. The new password will be used from then on.
After logging in, the Gravio Hub Settings screen will open.
This menu will not appear on HubKit Windows/Mac/Linux/RaspberryPI.

Time Settings

If you are using Gravio Hub on a network connected to the Internet, this time setting is not required, so please skip the time setting procedure below.
If the network on which the Gravio Hub is installed is not connected to the Internet, select Manual Settings to set the date and time.

(NOTE : If you are using NTP and only want to change the time zone, please do so after the network configuration is complete.)

If the Gravio Hub is not connected to the Internet, time synchronization with the outside world will not be performed during manual configuration.

Regional settings

Then, select a region and set the hostname in the Host Name setting. The screen will be set to “gravio” so that it can be accessed at “gravio.local”.

WAN settings for Gravio Hub

Gravio Hub2 also supports communication using LTE (LTE mode). You can connect directly to the Internet by inserting a nano SIM of the following carriers into the slot and enabling the WAN settings.

To enable the WAN setting, turn on “Use WAN (LTE)” and reboot.

After rebooting, the Gravio Hub2 network will be “” with wifi router mode enabled.
The DHCP server will also be enabled, so the IP address assignment by DHCP will also be enabled at “192.168.96.x”.
When you connect to the “GravuiHub-XXXXX” via wifi, an IP address will be assigned automatically.
If you do not use DHCP, please set a fixed IP address at “192.168.96.x/24” for the device connecting to Gravio Hub2.

Then select and set the APN and reboot again.

You will be automatically connected to the WAN after rebooting, but you can also switch manually by pressing the “Disconnect” and “Connect” buttons.
When connected to the WAN, network information will be displayed on the current WAN-side IP address.

Note: If the Gravio Hub was assigned an IP address as a DHCP client using DHCP in a network environment connected via a wired LAN,
When LTE mode is turned on, the DHCP server on the wired LAN side conflicts with the DHCP server on the Gravio Hub, so please do not connect to the network environment connected by wired LAN.

You can also set the port to allow access to the Gravio Hub from the WAN side in the WAN-side incoming port settings.

Service Name Port number
Gravio Coordinator 443
Gravio HubKit Port 29442
MQTT port for node-to-node communication MQTT port for inter-node communication 8883
Configuration Manager port 8080

This completes the WAN configuration.

Internet Settings for Gravio Hub

If LTE mode is on, you can change the WIFI network name (SSID) and WIFI password for the Gravio Hub.
If connected to a LAN, the IP address of the Gravio Hub on the LAN side will be displayed.

Finally, configure the network to be used. (It is recommended to use a fixed IP address.)

  • If a LAN cable is connected to the wired LAN terminal, the settings will be those for wired LAN.
  • If a LAN cable is not connected to the wired LAN terminal, wireless LAN settings will be used.
  • If a wired LAN cable is connected and a fixed IP is set, the wired LAN will always be used. (Even if a fixed IP is set for WiFi, WiFi will not be available unless the fixed IP setting for the wired LAN is canceled and the DHCP setting is set).

If you wish to use a static IP address, turn off “Use DCHP” and enter the static IP address, default gateway, and DNS server in the Static IP Address field.

Note, you will need to use a password protected Wifi network. If you like to connect to a wifi that does not contain any password, you will need to use a command line command to disable this security setting. Please get in touch with our support team via to help you with this option.
Click the “Configure” button to complete the settings.
Click the “Configure” button.

A message dialog box will appear when the wireless and wired LAN settings are complete.

Use of SSH

Turn on Use SSH when connecting to Gravio Hub via SSH. (If you turn it on, you need to restart Gravio Hub.)

Bluetooh setting

Connect to the Bluetooth device (e.g. speaker) to be used with the Gravio Hub.
First put the device in pairing mode to pair with a Bluetooth device and press the “Scan” button.
After a short wait, the Bluetooth device will appear in the Available Devices and press the “Pair” button.
After pairing is complete, press the “Connect” button to connect to the device.

Auto stop setting

Set the Gravio Hub to automatically shut down and turn off at a set time. Use this setting when the main power is turned off every day in a factory, etc.

If you are using a wireless LAN, set the WiFi connection point again, and then enter “.local” in your browser.
If you are using a wired LAN, enter “.local” in your browser.

This completes the installation.

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