Press the button at the top left of the component to output the debug log.

By nature, components run independently and in parallel, but when executing an action while outputting debug logs, they are synchronized within the action engine.

The debug log outputs the properties and variables of tp. (trigger properties) / tv. (trigger variables) / ap. (action properties) / av. (action variables) / cp. (component properties) / cv. (component variables) in that order.

The action program is processed in the following order.

  1. Get the component variables including Payload from the queue
  2. Assignment is performed if there is a value of PostMappings passed from a previous component.
  3. PreMappings expression evaluation and value assignment are conducted.
  4. The Component’s main functionalities are executed according to the set properties.
  5. A the component variable cv.Payload is updated to the new content, depending on the result of the component’s output.
  6. PostMappings is evaluated only as an expression and the resulting value is stored in a component variable containing the new cv.Payload.
  7. The newly filled cv.Payload is sent to the next component’s input queue.
  8. For the next component, the process starts over from number 1 above.

If you turn on the debug log function, in the processing procedure of the above-mentioned component, the content of the variable after the expression evaluation and assignment of PreMappings of 3 is printed in the console log.

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