Symptom Explanation Remedy Comments
Gravio Studio is not behaving as expected Gravio Server connection is unstable or Gravio Server is not running Ensure that there is a stable connection between Gravio Studio and the Server is running
Windows: The Gravio Edge Service remains in “starting…” mode There is likely to be an issue with the stored data in C:\ProgramData Use the Task Manager > Details view, find the Gravio*exe files and end them by clicking on “End Task”
Some Sensors are not sending information Either they are out of range or out of power If the sensors are energy harvesting, please put them in the sun or other natural light for a few hours and see if that fixes the issue. Also move closer to the dongle receiver. D4
Step of Action is not being executed There may have been an error in the previous step Check if any of the previous steps had an error You can set the exception handling and determine what Gravio should do in case of an error/exception
New dongle or device doesn’t appear in options or drop-down Driver may not be installed Find the respective drivers and install them
Gravio Studio is not connecting properly to Gravio Servers The relevant ports may not be open Please check the port requirements under Which ports does Gravio require?
Gravio Studio is not connecting properly The Server may have stopped You can use the GravioTools (Windows), the Menu Bar App (Mac OSX) or the command systemctl stop/start gravioxxxxxx.sevice to restart the server. The best order is to stop edge, action and then control. And vice versa for start.
The Gravio Dongle is not recognised The driver may not be installed Install the driver by launching the Gravio Tool and select “install driver” from the tray
Finding out Gravio Version In Windows, you can see it in the System Settings, in macOS you can see it in the “about” screen and in Linux you can use the command sudo apt search gravio
Where do I find the Sensor DB? Place where the sensor data is stored on Linux that’s in /var/opt/gravio/action/dB however in Mac, you will find it in /Library/Application Support/Gravio/action/db and in Windows in C:\ProgramData\Gravio\action\db
How do I update the Zigbee dongle firmware? There may be a newer version of the Firmware Mac: You can use the file /Applications/Gravio\ and run sudo ./zigbeefirmwareupdate -f </path/to/your/firmware/file> -d /dev/<yourdeviceid>, for example $ sudo ./zigbeefirmwareupdate -f /Users/username/Downloads/V0.8.0.2.bin -d /dev/cu.usbserial-DO00HOXS , the device ID starts with .cu. The firmware upload can take up to 5 minutes
How do I find out the ID of my USB dongle? You may need to find out if the device is connected, and what ID it has Mac: Try to run /Applications/Gravio\ , if it shows something like 6015,0403,usbserial-DO00HOXS this means your dongle is connected More details can also be found in /Library/Logs/gravio/zigbeefirmware.log
How to disable camera detection? If your computer is overloaded, you may want to switch off the camera detection to release resources You can set OpencvTypeInitializationException to true in edge/conf/opencv.config This is usually hardware specific, especially with hardware that is not able to cope with the load.
I cannot connect to my local HubKit on Windows. Why? Loopback may be disabled Please run the WindowsLoopbackManager.exe and ensure that “Gravio” is ticked on as an exception If you do not have the LoopBack Manager, you can download it from here
I cannot connect to my Gravio Hub and it’s not connected to the network You may have locked yourself out of the Gravio Hub Please long press the reset button while the Hub is connected to power to reset the Wifi settings to Access Point mode so you can reconnect using the password graviohub. This will only reset the Gravio Hub’s Wifi settings (no other settings or data) to Access Point mode, meaning you will be able to connect via Wifi following these instructions. Once the Gravio Logo light is blue, this signifies that the Hub is n Access Point mode
Please check if the ports are being used elsewhere, including from an old Gravio installation Uninstall the other software If it’s an old Gravio, ensure that you have uninstalled it properly including the Gravio* folders from /usr/local/bin/ , /Library/Application Support/ and /Library/Logs/
Some of the Gravio services are not starting On Mac, there could be a conflict with Brew There is a fix using Run these commands to make Gravio Brew compatible: cd /usr/local/lib mv libjpeg.dylib libjpeg.dylib.backup ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Resources/libJPEG.dylib libJPEG.dylib mv libtiff.dylib libtiff.dylib.backup ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Resources/libTIFF.dylib libTIFF.dylib mv libpng.dylib libpng.dylib.backup ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Resources/libPng.dylib libPNG.dylib mv libGIF.dylib libGIF.dylib.backup ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Resources/libGIF.dylib libGIF.dylib
I like to increase the logging level Logging is not insightful enough You can add a config.json file to ./HubKit/vidmgr/config/ { "Log": { "Level": "trace" } }

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