Obtaining your Free Trial License

There is a free subscription tier of Gravio, called Gravio Free. Gravio Free users can try Gravio Business Pro, including optionally a free dedicated server instance (Gravio Cloud) for a maximum of three weeks. Note, the server will be fully dedicated to you, and you will receive a dedicated IP address. Due to the limited amount of IP addresses, Asteria is limiting the time of the trial.

Follow the steps below to obtain your Gravio Free License first:

  • For the Gravio Hub 2, open the Configuration Manager under the Hub2’s IP address and port 8080, and go to the Preferences tab to obtain a license.
  • For HubKit (= your installation on your local Windows or Mac computer), open the configuration menu from the system tray or system menu respectively and click on the “Initial Setup” option to open your browser in the Configuration Manager.

For details on how to initially setup your Gravio Hub 2 configuration manager, please refer to these guides on

Navigate to your Configuration manager and click on the “Obtain a License” button. Note, your machine needs to be connected to the internet to obtain a license, because the license file will be retrieved from Asteria’s central customer database.

Once you click the button, this popup will appear:

Enter the account information you used to sign up with Gravio.com online.
You will see the Free license available to your account:

Select the Node License to obtain the license displayed.

Request Gravio Cloud server installation

After obtaining the license, reload your browser and you will see a button appear to apply for a functional evaluation license.

The evaluation license allows you to evaluate the functionality of Business Pro for a period of 3 weeks.

After you have completed your request for a functional evaluation license, reload your browser screen again. A button to request the provision of the Gravio Cloud server will appear in the “Coordinator Node Registration” section.

Clicking on the “Request Trial” button will display a panel where you can enter the necessary information for your server, including the subdomain you would like to use.

An Asteria team member will review your request, and if your request is accepted, an email will be sent to your registered email address.

Start using Gravio Cloud server

Once the server provision is complete, an email will be sent to you with the server information. Once you have received the email confirming that your server has been provisioned, you can access the your console by accessing the domain <yoursubdomain>.gravio.cloud that you have registered.

Using Gravio Studio with your Gravio Coordinator

Once your Gravio Coordinator is running, you can use it to authenticate your users. For that, you will have to tell Gravio Studio (which you can download from your app store) to use your Gravio Coordinator for authentication. When you start Gravio Studio, in the below screen pick “Login with Gravio Coordinator” at the bottom right of the screen.

Fill in the your Gravio Coordinator URL which is <yoursubdomain>.gravio.cloud and the login details you have picked in the screen above. This will be your first and main user of your Gravio Coordinator. In the web interface of your Gravio Coordinator under <yoursubdomain>.gravio.cloud , you can now also add or edit your other Gravio users for authentication. They will be need to use log in to Gravio Studio via the Gravio Coordinator, too.

As you can see, using this type of infrastructure allows you to fully control your user base and back-end of the system yourself. You do not need to rely on Asteria’s back end other than to distribute your license keys and manage your subscription level. This is how Gravio is different from most other Cloud, Edge and Node platforms.

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