The Gravio Distance component allows you to retrieve distance measurements from the Gravio Laser Distance sensors.
To use this component you must have paired the Gravio Laser Distance sensor beforehand.

If the Device ID property is empty, the command will be sent to all connected Gravio Distance.

Output payload Description
cv.Payload Outputs an array of measured distances

Component properties

Property name Description
Device ID Device ID for which the distance is to be measured, if none is set then the distance is measured for all Gravio Distances, if more than one Gravio Distance is used then the device ID can be comma-separated

Execution errors

Error code Error Description Countermeasure
ERR—10 low power insufficient current check that the USB cable between the power supply and the sensor is correctly connected
ERR—14 calculation error execution error please run again
ERR—15 weak signal Weak signal Please do not move the device and remove any obstructions.
ERR—16 unstable laser transition laser is unstable hold device and target object still
ERR—18 ambient light too strong ambient light is too strong please reduce ambient light
ERR—26 out of display range please try again

About the error that occurs when bound to a layer

Note: When a Distance sensor that is bound to a device layer and enabled is specified and used with the Gravio Distance component, the following error will occur:

This is because the Distance sensor that is bound and enabled in the layer is set to send distance data every 5 seconds, and if the Gravio Distance component is executed when triggered by a trigger, the processes are colliding.

Distance sensors that are bound to a layer and enabled cannot be used in a Gravio Distance component, therefore they should only be used in one of the processes at a time.

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