Log in to IVAR using the admin account.

1. Register the ONVIF camera with IVAR

After logging in, the channel screen will be displayed.
Press the + button to register channel 1.

The camera used is an ONVIF camera, so select ONVIF and press the Next button.

The cameras installed on the same network are displayed in the list.

Since we will use IO DATA TS-NA220W this time, select the checkbox, enter the Username and Password and press the Next button.

The profiles that can be used with the camera are displayed in the list, so select Main-stream.
Since this is a demo, select profile2 and press the Apply button.

The camera has been registered. To remove it, press the Remove button.

The image is automatically saved when the camera settings are completed, so change the settings so that the image is not saved in the demo so that the hard disk is not compressed.

Press the Setting button to open the Recording Schedule below.

Select Erase in Recording Type Selection, and then clear the recorded Main-stream (yellow) by specifying a range (white).
Press the Save button to change the settings.

Press the View button to switch to the live image.

2. Image recognition settings

Next, set the image recognition. This time, as a demo, we will set People Count, which counts the number of people captured in the camera.
In addition, there is also face recognition that registers users in advance and a function that recognizes user behaviour transitions.

Open Analytic Setup from the IVA Setup menu.
Click the + button on the bottom left or the click on the plus icon (+) link.

In Create Profile, select Channel 1 for Channel Selection, select Intelligent Behavior Analysis-People Count for Settings Template Selection and click the Save button to save.

When saved, new_profile will be displayed on Channel 1 on the left, so select it.

Set the conditions under which the People Count is valid. The demo sets a line to recognize and counts the number of people moving across that line.

Click the pencil icon.

Select LINE and draw a line with the mouse at the point where the image is recognized. Double-click to confirm.
You can specify whether to cross the line from left to right or from right to left depending on the direction of drawing the line.
In the demo, this is the setting when the line is crossed from the right to the left.

Press the Save button to save.

Confirm the recognized setting conditions and press the Save button to save.

To enable the settings, select Always On for Schedule Settings and press the Save button.

3. Confirm image recognition in Live

Open Channel 1 from the Channels menu and select View to see the live video.

It is displayed on the right side when the image of the camera is recognized and the event of People Count occurs.

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