The Philips Hue Action Component is to send commands to a Philips Hue light device. You need to specify the color and opacity and set the IP address, user ID, and light ID.

The IP address can be found by going to

With this information, the debugger API simulator can be found at http://<your_ip>/debug/clip.html

Before you send the POST command to the API using JSON, you need to get the user ID, which you can only get if you “pair” the device by pressing the bridge button once. {"devicetype": "my_hue_app#gravio"}

For detailed instructions on how to use the debugger, see here:

Output Payload Description
cv.Payload Outputs the output payload of the previous component as is. (Pass-through)

Component Properties

Name Required Description
On True Specify on/off. The value specified for cp.On is “true” or “false”.
Color False R,G,B,Opacity in hexadecimal, for example AABBCCDD
Color Loop True Switch colors in regular intervals
IP address True IP address of Philips Hue bridge
User ID True Philips Hue User ID
Light ID False Specify the Philips Hue light IDs which is a number starting with 1. All lights if empty.

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