If you have Gravio Standard or better, you can secure your Gravio HubKit against your Gravio Studio machine using a Client Authentication method. This means you generate an authentication certificate from your Gravio Studio machine, which will be deployed on the Gravio HubKit server. Any Gravio HubKit server that has the client certificate authentication setting enabled will ensure that only Gravio Studios with the respective counterparts are allowed to access it.

To create the certificate, open your Gravio Studio and generate the from the main menu:

You will have to enter a key, based on which the certificate will be issued.

Click the “Generate” button. At this point, the Certificate matching this Gravio Studio is generated. You can download it to your computer, so you can deploy it on the respective Gravio HubKits.

In the “Settings” > “Connection” menu of HubKit, there is an option to upload the certificates. Note that you will have to stop the server in order to do so.

Click on “Settings…” again and enable the certificate authentication in the “Connections” tab. Upload the just downloaded certificate.

Your connection is now authenticated.

Note that if another Gravio Studio tries to access the HubKit now, you will get an error message similar to the following:

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