The Filter component is a component that filters the data that passes the contents of the input payload to the next component and outputs it to the output payload.

You can enter a conditional expression that allows you to pass a test if it’s true, or not.
The conditional expression is written with variables with tp. / tv. / ap. / av. / cp. / cv. prefixes as comparison targets.

Condition Example Formula
Payloads are targeted and Payloads are numerical in nature cv.Payload > 10
String cv.Payload =~ "^abc"
JSON Array cv.Payload[1] > 10
JSON Object cv.Payload.key1 == "abc"

The expression field supports basic operators such as ^ to indicate the start of a string.

Component Properties

Name Description
Condition Write a conditional expression

Available Modifiers

Modifiers + - / * & | ^ ** % >> <<
Comparators > >= < <= == != =~ !~
Logical Ops || &&

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