The GCS Upload component can send data to Google Cloud Storage as files.

To use this component, a Google Cloud subscription and pre-configuration are required.

Roles for accessing Google Cloud Storage must be added “Storage Legacy Bucket Owner” and “Storage Legacy Object Owner”.

Please refer to here for pre-configuration.

component properties

property name Description
Input Choose whether to upload the contents of the payload or specify a file name and upload it
File name When a file name is selected, specify the file to be uploaded as a path relative to the Data directory
Bucket Specify the name of the bucket to upload to.
object Specify the name of the object to be uploaded. When specifying a folder, separate it with a slash. If the property is empty and the upload source is a file, only the filename part without the directory name is used for the file name.
ACL Specify an access control list *1
Storage Class Specify the storage class *2
ContentType Specify the ContentType of the object. If empty, it is automatically appended.
Timeout API timeout
Private key JSON Specify the private key JSON file required to authenticate the service account created by Google Cloud.

*1 ACLs can be achieved by giving multiple users in a list format, such as which user (IAM or other user) is given Owner/Reader rights.

This format cannot be configured in Gravio Studio, so use predefined ACLs.

If you select (default) for the ACL, no ACL is specified and the bucket default is used.
Also, buckets are not allowed to specify ACLs by default because they are not recommended.
If you want to use ACLs in a bucket, you must select “fine-grained management” on the screen that allows you to choose between “uniform” and “fine-grained management” when creating the bucket.
If an ACL other than (default) is selected for a bucket for which “uniform” is selected, an error will occur when the component is executed.

*2 If you select (default), the bucket defaults will be used.

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