The following is an example configuration of how to send and receive files to and from Google Cloud Storage using the GCS Upload/Download component.

Configuration flow

Follow the steps below to configure the settings on the Google Cloud Platform

1. create a service account in IAM and create and download a key file.

2. connect the service account created in 1. as an authority to the bucket in Google Cloud Storage, and specify “Storage Legacy Bucket Owner” and “Storage Legacy Object Owner” as roles.

In the case of GCSDownload component, specify “Storage Legacy Bucket Read” and “Storage Legacy Object Read” as roles.

3. For the GCS Upload/Download component, specify the bucket specified in 2. and the key file specified in 1.

Advanced Preparation

Create a bucket in Google Cloud Storage in Google Cloud.

Create a service account in the Google Cloud console

Go to IAM and Administration from the Google Cloud console and create a service account.

Set the Service Account Name and Service Account ID. 

Allow this service account to access the project and “Allow users to access this service account” are optional, so do not specify anything and click “Finish” to save the settings to display them in the list.

Select “Manage Keys” from the operations.

Select “Add a key”

Create the key type as “JSON”.

When created, the key file will be downloaded to your PC.

Set the service account as a principal in Google Cloud Storage

Set the service account created in IAM and Administration as a principal in Google Cloud Storage.

Make sure you have a bucket. If you don’t have one yet, create one:

Select the bucket to read/write from the Google Cloud Storage browser menu and select “Create” for the principal from “Permissions”.

Enter the service account you created above in the “New Principal” field.

Add “Storage Legacy Bucket Owner” and “Storage Legacy Object Owner” to “Roles” and save.

Save the new principal and it will appear in the list.

Configuration in the Google Cloud Console is finished.

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