In order to use the LINE WORKS component, the LINE WORKS administrator needs to initialize the Bot.

LINE WORKS Developers

1. Creating a LINE WORKS Developers account

Create an account from here and create a Bot for LINE WORKS.

2. API settings

The LINE WORKS component uses the API, so select the API menu. Do not use API 2.0 (beta).

3. Issuing an API ID

Press the “Issue API ID” button to create it. The created API ID will be used in the LINE WORKS component properties.

4. Issuing a Server API Consumer Key

Press the “Issue Server API Consumer Key” button to create it. The created Server API Consumer Key will be used in the LINE WORKS component properties.
The usage scope of the Server API is set to “Add/Inquiry”. Please set the Token validity period and automatic extension according to the operation rules. For the test environment, set it to automatically renew after 365 days.

5. Adding a Server List

You can use either a fixed IP type or an ID registration type for the Server List.
You can use the fixed IP type if the Gravio Hubkit is connected to the Internet and has a global fixed IP address.
Usually, please use the ID registration type. An ID and an authentication key will be issued for the ID registration type, which will be used in the LINE WORKS component properties.
Download the key file by pressing the download button for the authentication key.

6. Creating a Bot

Press the Bot registration button from the Bot menu.

Enter the Bot name and description, select the conventional API for the API Interface, check the Bot policy to allow invitation to multiple people’s chat rooms, and set the main person in charge of the administrator.
When the registration is completed, the Bot No: will be displayed, which will be used in the LINE WORKS component properties.


1. Logging into the LINE WORKS admin screen

Administrators log in from here to display the LINE WORKS administration screen.

2. Bot settings

Select Bot from the service menu and press the Bot add button.

The Bot created in LINE WORKS Developers will be displayed, so press the add button.

When you redisplay the Bot screen, the added Bot will be displayed.

3. Adding a Bot to a chat room

If you want to use the Bot in a chat room, please create a new chat room or add it to an existing chat room.

4. Confirmation of the chat room ID

Even if you create a chat room with the LINE WORKS app or website, the chat room ID will not be displayed.
Therefore, please have a member send a message in the chat room where the Bot will be used.

After a while, select Talk from the audit menu and search, and the

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