In the Settings tab you can manage various settings aspects such as view the hubkit’s versions, backup or restore, set the base property profiles, deploy image inference models or view the disk usage space. If you have the enterprise version, you can also connect to your Gravio Coordinator here and set up and manage the blockchain functionalities.

HubKit Information

Here you can see the various aspects of the HubKit that you are connected to. This information is also important when reporting bugs so the Asteria team know which version you are operating.

At the bottom you can also set the mail server parameters that will be used to send you notifications via e-mail. These notifications can be info about low disk space or issues with the hubkit.

Backup & Restore

You can backup device configuration settings to your Gravio Cloud account, whether it’s the Asteria hosted one or the one hosted on your own local Gravio Coordinator. From there you can restore these settings back into your home folder on your Gravio account.

Base Property Profile

These are re-usable settings that will not be included in actions or backups. Examples for such settings are authentication tokens, passwords, login details, secret keys, mail server settings etc. This allows you to re-use them in your actions where needed.

Feature Package

A feature package is a set of configurations including areas, layers, triggers, actions that you can export as a Zip file to be imported on either your cloud account, or, if you have the Enterprise edition of Gravio, to your coordinator for distribution to your edge nodes.

Attention: that we recommend that you put all confidential data such as tokens, usernames, passwords for third party services into a base property profile (see above) so those details are not exported included in the package, if you tick the appropriate checkbox during the export process.

Image Inference Models

In this section you can deploy the available image inference models to your local HubKit for use. The standard models come from our Gravio Cloud. If you have a Gravio Enterprise account, you can also deploy new models to your coordinator and deploy them from your coordinator to your HubKits. Please speak to us if you like more information about how we can help you create new inference models.

Disk Management

In Disk Management you can view the health status of your disk and set the various parameters to keep the disk space used optimally.

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