The WriteToExcel365 component can output data to a OneDrive in Excel format.

The use of this component requires a contract and pre-configuration of Office365 for Business and OneDrive for Business.

How to prepare your Microsoft account

  1. Prepare an Office365 account and log in to the Azure portal .
  2. Search for App registration in the Identity section to create an application.
  3. Give the app a meaningful name, and pick single tenant. (Note: if you don’t have this single tenant option, you may not have a registered business account)
  4. Open the details screen after creating the application and note the displayed Application (Client) ID and Directory (Tenant) ID_. You will need to enter them in Gravio.
  5. Put these values ​​in the properties of the WriteToExcel365 component along with the email address and password of the Office365 account.
  6. Now go to Authentication and make sure the app is treated as a public client:
  7. Then open API Permissions and add Files.ReadWrite.All permissions, which you can find under the Microsoft Graph section.

  8. The preparation is now complete.

Component Properties

File Name Specify Excel file name to output
Sheet Name Specify sheet name to output data
Write Mode Specify whether to overwrite (Replace) the file or append the data (Append). The value of cp.WriteMode can be either “Append” or “Overwrite”.
Output header Select whether to output header when outputting data
Column Mapping Specify which column of Excel to output among the columns of step output. More than one can be specified. (Example: To output Step_a of step output to column A of the Excel and Step_c to column B of Excel, specify Step_a: A, Step_c: B and the field of step output and the column of Excel with :, If you specify more than one, separate with , comma)
Client Id Specify Application (client) ID
Tenant Id Enter the Directory (tenant) ID
Instance Only change if your Azure account is hosted on a custom domain, as opposed to on Microsoft’s domain
Username or Email Specify Office365 Business account
password Specify password for Office365 Business account

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